1940's-1970's Jewellery

Find vintage 1940s-1970s jewellery

Shop now for some great eye catching pieces of vintage jewellery from 1940’s – 1970’s. Jewellery from these periods takes many different forms, each incredible and unique in their own way.

Popular 1940s jewellery included large, colourful rings, and sparkling diamond brooches and clips.

Patriotic symbols as well as whimsical animals, flowers and bows were also popular jewellery themes during this period.

During the 1950’s, pearls came back in fashion and were the perfect accompaniment to the popular little black dress.

Jewellery suites or parures were also very popular as women were expected to look well groomed and wanted to wear matching jewellery.

1960’s jewellery designs once again became more geometric. Circles, diamonds, spirals and hexagons were all popular designs.

Bold and colourful bracelets were popular, along with statement rings. These were heavily influenced by both the Op Art and Pop Art movements.

The 1970’s brought the era of the disco. With jewellery still very much about statement – with large pieces, often utilising natural materials.