Aquamarine Rings

Jewellery Discovery is delighted to present a range of stunning new, vintage and antique aquamarine rings. Shop for a variety of styles, such as art deco and modern, and in a variety of cuts to suit your personal taste. Our aquamarine rings collection includes rings with diamonds or other precious stones, and in gold, silver and platinum bands.

Beautiful Aquamarine Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Looking for a unique aquamarine engagement ring or aquamarine wedding ring? We have a beautiful collection of rings available including bold aquamarine and diamond cluster rings, simple oval aquamarine dress rings and many more. Many of our aquamarine rings are vintage and antique pieces, making them truly unique and personal choices for wedding and engagement rings.

Find Unique Aquamarine Dress Rings & Cocktail Rings

If you are looking for statement aquamarine dress rings or cocktail rings, then Jewellery Discovery is the place for you. Our collection includes new, vintage and antique cocktail and dress rings in a range of band metals and styles – from audacious to demure – and in a variety of cuts.