Victorian Pocket Watch Key/Pendant In 18 Carat Yellow Gold And Carved Coral Design

This exquisite Victorian pocket watch key/pendant is crafted from 18 carat yellow gold and adorned with a meticulously carved coral design. The pendant showcases neoclassical scenes on both sides, each depicting a captivating narrative. On one side, a cherub takes on the role of a charioteer, standing confidently in a chariot pulled by two galloping horses. On the reverse, the intricate carving portrays the mythological tale of Leda confronting Zeus, who has transformed into a swan.

  • Metal: X – Ray tested positive for 18 carat yellow gold
  • Origin: England
  • Age: Circa 1880’s
  • Dimensions: Length 5.3 cm x width 3.2 cm  x depth 1 cm
  • Weight: 14 grams
  • Condition: Pre-owned with minor wear, gold rim has minor dent, coral carving has micro chip, otherwise good

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