Antique Edwardian Multi Gem Harlequin Bar Brooch

Antique Edwardian Multi Gem Harlequin Bar Brooch

A striking and playful Edwardian ‘harlequin’ bar brooch. Set with 11 rub over set gemstones including deep red garnets, a muted green peridot, an electric light blue zircon, various hues of topaz, a lovely violet amethyst and a royal blue sapphire amongst others; each hand cut and polished with its own unique charm. Mounted in 9ct yellow gold. Circa 1905.

The rainbow effect of many colours was associated with the traditional costume of the Harlequin in the Italian Commedia del’Arte hence the term we now use for multi-gem pieces from this period of the early 20th century.

  • Dimensions: 75mm length / 8mm width
  • Gemstones: peridot / topaz / amethyst / sapphire / garnet / zircon
  • Hallmark: None, but tested with a touchstone as 9ct gold
  • Gross weight: 7.8 grams
  • Condition: Overall very good, the gems are securely set and original to the piece. Wear commensurate with age. The pin opens and closely securely.

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