18th Century Antique Cornelian Intaglio Fob Seal

18th Century Antique Cornelian Intaglio Fob Seal

A fine intaglio carving, depicting the 4th century (B.C) Greek orator Demosthenes; carved in cornelian on convex field, set in a gold fob seal. Circa 1780-90.

Attributed to Edward Burch (1730-1814)

  • A similar cast is in Burch’s catalogue of 100 casts and in the catalogue by Raspe No.9990.
  • There is a basalt intaglio by Wedgwood of the same subject, the mould is dated 1774, the carving was possibly supplied by Tassie who employed Burch as an engraver¬†of intaglios. The same subject was also carved by William Brown but his portrait does not fill the field as fully as the Burch portrait.
  • This work is not signed, it is an extremely fine carving and is certainly the work of a master engraver,¬†such as Burch.

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