Ilias Lalaounis

Lalalounis Jewellery

Ilias Lalounis, Greek designer goldsmith born in Athens in 1920.

Lalounis gained an International reputation for his archaeological inspired jewellery first exhibited at the Thessalonica exhibition in 1957.

Collections have been inspired by artifacts from Greek, Classical, Hellenistic, and Minoan periods.

He went on to design a collection based on treasures of the holy land, another inspired by Soleiman the Magnificent, Greek Geometric Art, Celtic and Native American Art.

Lalounis produced ground breaking short films explaining the significance of his designs. Throughout his career he won many accolades, and was the first jeweller to be invited to the Societe des Beaux Arts.

In his book Metamorphoses he described his philosophy on a jewel’ Not a simple decorative object, rather it carries a message, is an expression of inner life, a link with the distant past, and a memory’